provides you an calendar overview of upcoming and past descentralized science events. You can add events to your calendar and submit your own event. Join this schelling point to help extend DeSci to the ends of the globe.

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DeSci global is the global hub for all DeSci events; a schelling point to collect, share, and uplift all DeSci events across the globe. Explore the events that have happened and get involved with new ones coming up.

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Explore this summary of decentralized science to better understand what this movement is about.

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Join the Blockchain for Science community to stay connected with others.

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Working Group

DeSci WG - Check out this working group to get the most up to date alpha on what’s happening across the DeSci ecosystem.

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Explore all of the organizations and sectors that make up the DeSci space.

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DeSci Podcast

Rethinking Science - Lets talk to the leaders of this industry about the future of biotech.

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Be part of the movement to extend DeSci to your region. Whether it’s a one off networking event or a multi-day conference you are in a position to bring DeSci to your city.

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DeSci (decentralized science) is an ecosystem of scientists, builders, and supporters laying a new foundation of incentive mechanisms to shift the future of scientific discovery. It’s building towards a future where new and unconventional ideas can flourish by decentralizing access to funding, scientific tools, and communication channels based in transparency, resiliency, and accessibility.


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Contribute to this global movement to uplift the DeSci Ecosystem through connection, events, and resources. Whether you’d be an amazing Github maintainer, event curator, fiscal or in kind sponsor, or regional connector, your skillsets can make a massive impact. Let’s shift the world together.

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